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Our Team

Alan Bradley

Alan Bradley

Annuity Design

Alan has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the insurance industry, with a primary focus dedicated to helping advisors find the best products and solutions for their clients. His extensive knowledge of the insurance brokerage marketplace, as well as home office and field experience, make him uniquely qualified to quickly understand the goals, perspectives and objectives of both clients and advisors alike. His vast product knowledge and ability to simplify and explain complex strategies make him an invaluable resource for your practice.



FAVORITE PLACE HE’S TRAVELED: New Zealand and the Caribbean Islands

FAVORITE BOOK: Free kindle downloads! Some are great!

FAVORITE MOVIE QUOTE: “Go ahead – make my day!” – Sudden Impact

BIGGEST FEAR: Too many to list!

FIRST JOB: Mowing grass and then order taker at McDonalds